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New Kindred Spirit Issue on The Goodness of God

Now available in print and online, the Winter issue of Kindred Spirit focuses on God's goodness and provision in the lives of individual believers.

The issue's lead article highlights how the Lord is pouring out His grace on Christian churches in the Middle East through the work of DTS alumna Seta Selah. You'll be inspired by Seta's story of cross-cultural ministry to women, who make up 60 to 70 percent of churches in places like Iran.

Also hear how God has provided in unique ways for a DTS student who is paying his way through seminary, and read Dr. Abraham Kuruvilla's insights on the perplexing story of the anonymous young man in Mark 14. Looking for some good books to add to your reading list? Check out a Q&A with Andy Stanley about his new book How to be Rich, as well as excerpts from recent publications by other DTS alumni.

Whatever your plans or resolutions are for 2014, we hope you will be encouraged and uplifted by these testimonies of God's care for His children.



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About Kindred Spirit

Kindred Spirit is published three times per year as a ministry to friends of Dallas Theological Seminary. Each issue of this award-winning magazine features helpful articles on Bible doctrine and Christian living from a conservative, evangelical perspective.

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