Definite Atonement

The author sees no purpose, benefit, or comfort in a redemption that does not redeem, a propitiation that does not propitiate, a reconciliation that does not reconcile; neither does he have any faith in a hypothetical salvation for hypothetical believers. Rather, he has faith in a redemption which infallibly secures the salvation of each and everyone for whom it was designed, namely, “the children of God that were scattered abroad” (John 11:52), which is such a multitude of sinners declared righteous that no man can number them. God forbid, therefore, “that I should glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ” (Gal. 6:14). Gary D. Long is Executive Director of Sovereign Grace Ministries, Inc. He holds degrees from the University of Missouri (B.S. in Agriculture 1959) and from Dallas Theological Seminary (Th.M. in Systematic Theology, 1969; Th.D. in Historical Theology, 1972). He is a retired U.S. Army Field Artillery Colonel having 22 years of active duty service. His published theological works include Context! Evangelical view on the Millennium Examined, Biblical Law and Ethics, The Christian Sabbath-Lord’s Day Controversy and The Doctrine of Salvation.

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