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DTS alum Tonya Neal smiling at someone out of view

DTS Grad Tonya Neal Ministers to the Abused

Each year there are approximately 5.3 million incidents of physical abuse toward women and over three…
February 19, 2019
Adam Derus looking at someone out of view

Adam Derus: A Commuter Student Story

Adam Derus (ThM), a commuter student who lives in Pennsylvania and attends classes at the DTS-DC…
January 29, 2019
Preserved Greek biblical manuscripts

National Geographic Magazine Recognizes Biblical Manuscript Preservation Work of DTS Alumni

National Geographic magazine has featured DTS senior research professor of New Testament Studies Dr. Dan Wallace…
December 19, 2018
Man standing at a church pew looking at someone out of view

Once a Refugee, Now a Pastor

In 1982, during the brutal and bloody Iran-Iraq war, Jalil Dawood (MACM, 2007) managed to slip…
November 19, 2018
DTS alum Cameron Mullens teaching a large group

Serving the World in a City: Alumni Profile of Cameron Mullens

Cameron Mullens (ThM, 2011) paces across a room in a worn, weathered church building. He gestures…
November 2, 2018
Jenn seated at a desk reading the Bible

I Got an "A" in Trauma

I’ve gone through some dark seasons in my life. Hardship and heartache have evolved into uninvited…
October 19, 2018
Wayne Smith stands in the church he pastors

Pastor Wayne Smith Leads Bethel Church of Houston

Houston, TX, is now the most ethnically diverse metropolitan area in the country, surpassing New York…
October 11, 2018

God's Wonders in the Place of Darkness

“I would give about anything to not have to say what I am about to tell…
October 5, 2018
Gary DeSalvo receiving the DTS Alumni Distinguished Service Award 2018

2018 Alumni Distinguished Service Award | Gary DeSalvo

Thirty-seven years ago a group of ordinary people called Gary DeSalvo to lead Temple Bible Church…
September 21, 2018

Lightner: Finishing Strong

It was in a one-room school house near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that a young Robert Lightner first…
August 30, 2018
Lavonne Shingler seated in chair reading Bible

USAF Veteran Lavonne Shingler's Ministry to Women

During her service in the United States Air Force, God's hand on Lavonne Shingler's infant son…
August 16, 2018
Amy Zacaroli seated and listening to someone out of view

Alec and Amy Zacaroli Work Toward Purpose in Washington DC

Current DTS-DC students Alec (2019) and Amy Zacaroli (MABC) started a non-profit organization in 2003 after…
August 16, 2018
Karlos Lyons standing in large room speaking

Karlos Lyons: Shaping While Studying in Seminary

Karlos Lyons (MABC, 2019), a Biblical Counseling student at DTS, shares a day in his seminary…
August 11, 2018
Dr. Todd Phillips with Liberian children at a well

Dr. Todd Phillips' Goal to Provide Clean Drinking Water to Liberia

Through his ministry The Last Well, Dr. Todd Phillips, DTS Doctor of Ministry graduate (2010), has…
July 12, 2018

Maximizing Impact: Glorifying God through Empowerment

As a child, every time National Geographic hit the mailbox, I’d flip through the pages, imagining…
July 12, 2018
Dr. Josh Bleeker standing at podium to welcome potential students to the Washington DC campus

Dr. Josh Bleeker – Serving Leaders in Washington DC

Dr. Josh Bleeker (ThM, 2004/ DEdMin, 2016) serves as professor and dean at the DTS Washington…
June 7, 2018
Ron Blue standing outside on DTS campus

Preguntas con Poder Transformador: Perfil del Dr. Ron Blue

  “No podemos ni convencer ni condenar a nadie. Lo único que hacemos es hablar sobre las…
May 31, 2018
Ron Blue standing outside on DTS campus

The Transforming Power of Questions: Profile of Dr. Ron Blue

“We can not convince or convict anybody. All we do is chatter the good news and…
May 31, 2018
Stephanie Giddens seated in sewing room

Children’s Clothing Company Making a Difference

Vickery Trading Company, a ministry founded by Dallas Theological Seminary graduate Stephanie Giddens (ThM, 2009), is…
May 14, 2018
Dr. Bock and guests recording The Table podcast

Cultural Engagement: A Meeting of East Asia and America

Dr. Darrell Bock, executive director of Cultural Engagement at DTS, talks with Samuel Lee, Grace Choi,…
May 1, 2018
Dr. Ortiz teaching students in DTS classroom

Meet Dr. Michael Ortiz, Director of DTS en Español

Right now, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. However, Hispanic biblical training…
April 5, 2018
DTS alum and staff member, Jana Thompson, at work on Washington DC campus

DTS Graduate Jana Thompson Coaches DC Students

Jana Thompson (2015), Associate Director of DTS-DC, pursued graduate studies to deepen her understanding of education.…
April 2, 2018
Dr. Bernard Fuller standing at podium speaking into microphone

Dr. Bernard Fuller’s Message of Hope

DTS graduate Dr. Bernard Fuller (MACE, 1988/ThM, 1989) serves as Senior Pastor of New Song Bible…
February 1, 2018
Nate Bearfield seated while speaking to someone out of view

Nate Bearfield's Journey From The Kitchen to the Classroom

Nate Bearfield (MACE), a student at the DTS-DC campus, had a spectacular culinary career, but it…
January 30, 2018
man walking outside the DTS library

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