A Dad-Sized Challenge

Jeff Kinley, president of Main Thing Ministry, encourages a new generation of hero dads to step to the plate.


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Spiritual Life
Oct 20, 2020
Neal JeffreyNeal Jeffrey
Getting Out of the Boat Neal Jeffrey, associate pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, TX, speaks an encouraging word about Jesus's experience with the disciples on a boat amidst a storm,...
Arts & Media
Oct 16, 2020
Elizabeth RodriguezElizabeth RodriguezReg GrantReg GrantSandra L. GlahnSandra L. GlahnTimothy J. BasselinTimothy J. BasselinTodd AgnewTodd Agnew
Story: Academics and Storytellers Liz Rodriguez, groups coordinator at Battle Creek Church in Broken Arrow, OK, hosts the faculty members of DTS's Media Arts and Worship department - Drs. Reg Grant, Sandra Glahn,...