If you have never seen a dog illustrate the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you will want to get in the front row.

About the Contributors

Hank Hough

Mr. Hank Hough 

Founder and President of Kingdom Dog Ministries; Spring, TX 


Kingdom Dog Ministries (KDM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preaching obedience and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the unique use of labrador retrievers. Using dogs as a visual illustration, KDM blends humor with simple and timeless biblical truths to show the power of obedience in the life of the believer. Our desire is that you will both learn the power of obedience and gain a desire for a life of submission to Jesus Christ.  

Today it is no longer just Hank and his dog traveling around speaking to small groups of people. It has grown to include several speakers and many dogs speaking to churches, schools, various outdoor events, men’s groups, women’s groups, youth and children activities, evangelistic programs and many other places all around the nation.  

Hank says that it is exciting to be part of something that the hand of the Lord is upon, and that it is obvious to him that God wants this great nation back.