This WEC Week, Dr. Curtis Sergeant shares with us that one’s own discipleship journey is important if one intends to make disciples.

About the Contributors

Curtis Sergeant

Dr. Curtis Sergeant 

Leader of MetaCamp, Dadeville, AL 


Dr. Curtis Sergeant served with the International Mission Board (IMB) establishing work among an unreached people group (UPG) in China. After a movement started there, he began training for the house-church networks in China and others around the world in how to do the same. Later he served as a VP for Global Strategy with the IMB. Then he went to Saddleback Church over Church Planting and helped catalyze some extremely large-scale church planting projects, especially in India, and engaged nearly a hundred previously unengaged UPGs. He then served at e3 Partners as the International VP. Now he runs a disciple-making and missions training center called MetaCamp in Dadeville, Alabama. He is also a co-facilitator of the 24:14 coalition and helped found the Zúme project.