Dr. Aaron Coe, executive director of Passion Global Institute in Atlanta, GA, encourages believers to value the city as central to God's mission in the world.

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Aaron B. Coe

Aside from his responsibilities at DTS, Dr. Coe is the Founder and CEO of Future City Now. He leads a team of change agents and problem solvers who specialize in organization strategy, marketing and execution. As a strategist and executive leader, Dr. Coe has had the privilege of serving some of the largest non-profit organizations in the United States for over 20 years. With a PhD in Urbanization, Dr. Coe is passionate about living on mission and making a way for people to engage with the world on a local and global level. Dr. Coe and his wife, Carmen, live in Atlanta with their four children where he also serves as a pastor at Passion City Church. Previously, he serves as a church planting missionary, Lead pastor of the Gallery Church, Executive Director of Send NYC, and Vice President of Mobilization and Marketing at the North American Mission Board.