Come and Have Breakfast

Dr. John Hannah, distinguished professor of Historical Theology at Dallas Seminary, invites Christ’s followers to spend intimate time with their Lord.

John D. Hannah
Research Professor of Theological Studies, Distinguished Professor of Historical Theology BS, Philadelphia College of Bible, 1967; ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary, 1971; ThD, 1974; MA, Southern Methodist University, 1980; PhD, University of Texas at Dallas, 1988; postdoctoral fellowship, Yale University, 1994. Dr. Hannah has enjoyed a distinguished career for more than forty years at DTS. He is a frequent and popular church and conference speaker both at home and abroad. His teaching interests include the general history of the Christian church, with particular interest in the works of Jonathan Edwards and John Owen. He recently published a history of DTS and is currently writing a general history of the Christian church. He remains active in church ministries and serves on the boards of several organizations. Courses Taught HT5101 - The Church to the Modern Era HT5102 - Church in the Modern Era: Europe and America HT5200 - History of Doctrine HT5240 - Readings in John Owen HT5260 - Seminar on Jonathan Edwards DM7103 - Applied Research Project HT5250 - History of Gospel Preaching in America HT5255 - History of the Charismatic Movements in America HT5230 - Readings in John Calvin Interests Academic Interests 20th century American evangelicalism Jonathan Edwards John Owen Personal Interests Time with wife and grandchildren reading commentaries study to prepare to teach or preach the Bible
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