How to Apologize

Lee Jagers, adjunct professor in Biblical Counseling and Director of DTS’s Counseling Services, discusses how to apologize. He reads from Proverbs 28:1 and encourages us to have the humility to confess sincerely should we hurt others.

J. Lee Jagers
Dr. Jagers has maintained a private practice as a counselor in the Dallas area since 1976. He serves the missionary community with East-West Ministries and with his home church, PCPC (Park Cities Presbyterian Church). For six years in the late 90’s, he served on the Licensed Professional Counselor Board in Austin. For nine years he served as Director of Counseling Services at Dallas Theological Seminary. Since leaving that post in August 2014, he is expanding his private practice based in PCPC and continues to serve as an adjunct instructor.
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