Dave Largent, pastor of Lakeview Congregation at Autumn Leaves in Dallas, TX, dives into how the message of Jesus Christ and him crucified provides focus, encouragement, and conviction in the lives and ministries of believers.

About the Contributors

Dave Largent

Dave was raised on his family farm in central Illinois and made a profession of faith in his childhood. After high school he moved to Chicago where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering Technology, met and married his wife Cindy, and began his career in the computer industry with Motorola. In 1991 Dave and Cindy moved to Arizona for job advancement in Motorola. In Phoenix they led discipleship studies which resulted in ministry opportunities that ultimately led them to come to DTS. Dave and Cindy have been married 34 years and have two sons Samuel and Stephen. Dave roasts his own coffee beans and loves to cook, hike, read, and to spend time with people.