Mr. Dan Bolin, International Director for Christian Camping, International, shares three missionary stories from the book of Acts.

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Dan Bolin

Daniel S. Bolin

Dan was born in Portland, Oregon in 1952; he moved to Tyler, Texas in 1975 and lived there until 2018 when he moved to Arlington, Virginia. He married Cay Pryor Bolin 42 years ago and they have two daughters. Catie was born in 1981 but died of Leukemia in 1990. Haley was born in 1985 and lives in Arlington, Virginia with her husband and children. Dan is the President of Refueling in Flight Ministries. In July 2018 he retired as the International Director of Christian Camping International (CCI). CCI is an alliance of 24 national and regional associations of Christian camps and camping leaders. CCI supports camp, conference, retreat and outdoor adventure ministries in 70 countries and serves 13,000,000 campers and guests each year. He had been in this role since 2007. Prior to CCI, Dan was the President of KVNE/KGLY Christian Radio in Tyler, Texas from 1998-2007. Dan was the Director of Pine Cove Christian Camps from 1983-1997 and served on staff at Pine Cove for a total of 25 summers. Dan also teaches as an adjunct professor at Dallas Theological Seminary.