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Col John Albers, USMC (Ret) and CEO of the Albers Group LLC in McKinney, TX, discusses his own experience in the US Marine Corps and challenges believers to recognize the unique opportunity to minister to veterans, a people group with definitive events and stresses in their lives.

John Albers
Col Albers USMC served for twenty-four years in the U.S. Marice Corps, flying operationally in Japan and as a flight instructor with the USAF. He then went on to attend the US Navy Test Pilot School Class 117, one of only eight Marine officers annually selected to attend that school. Following his test tour, he served as an acquisition professional helping the Marine Corps with engineering and program management of aircraft and helicopters. He was the first Marine to serve as the Commanding Officer of VX-20, a Navy flight test squadron and a Marine Aide to an Assistant Secretary of the Navy. He deployed with Operation Iraqi Freedom with Marine Aircraft Group 29 (REIN). His post-retirement ventures have given him extensive experience in aerospace manufacturing, systems engineering, unmanned systems development, aviation ventures, and other prototyping efforts. He served on the board of Cadence International, a ministry to the military, since 2012, now holding the position of chairman.
Dec 3, 2019
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