Dr. Mark Yarbrough, President of Dallas Theological Seminary, shares a meaningful conversation with Katherine Wolf about joy in a pain-filled life.

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Katherine Wolf

Katherine is originally from the South where she met her husband, married, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue the entertainment industry. Her son James was born in 2007 and just six months later, Katherine miraculously survived a catastrophic stroke caused by a congenital brain defect she never knew she had. After a sixteen-hour brain surgery, forty days in ICU, a year in neuro rehab, and eleven operations, she continues her journey of recovery to this day. In 2015, Katherine gave birth to their miracle baby John, their “John Bomb” who has blown up their lives in every way.

Since 2008, Katherine and her husband Jay have been disrupting the myth that joy can only be found in a pain-free life through speaking events, best-selling books, a thriving online community and the Hope Heals Camp for families affected by disability. Today she lives in Atlanta with her husband and two boys.