Chapel Semester: Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapels

Beyond Belief: Adding Orthopraxy to Orthodoxy

Dr. Larry Mercer, President and Founder of Therapon Leadership Services in Cedar Hill, TX, proposes that…
January 19, 2017

Martin Luther King Jr. Chapel

A panel discussion led by Dr. Terrance Woodson, Advisor to African-American Students and Adjunct Professor at…
January 14, 2016

An Upward Call

Dr. Sheila Bailey, President of Sheila B. Ministries, reminds us of Jesus' call and challenge to…
January 15, 2015

Overcoming Our Prejudices Through Christ

Matt Chandler, lead teaching Pastor of The Village Church, discusses the temptation in evangelicalism to be…
January 16, 2014

One New Man

Bryan Loritts, Lead Pastor at Fellowship Memphis in Memphis, TN, preaches about the victory of the…
January 18, 2013

Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapel

Dr. Richard Allen Farmer challenges us to not shy away from the work we are being…
January 14, 2011

The Motivation Behind MLK's Push for Civil Rights

Founder and president of Basic Truth Bible Ministry, Bruce Proctor shares that Martin Luther King desired…
January 15, 2010
man standing at podium speaking at DTS Chapel

The Will to Act

James Earl Massey, Dean of Anderson School of Theology, teaches on the importance of "the will…
January 16, 2009

Having The Courage To Do God's Will

Rev. Robert Crummie, president of Carver Bible College in Atlanta, Georgia, brings a message that implores…
January 18, 2008

The Kingdom Agenda

Dr. Tony Evans, Senior Pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and President of The Urban Alternative,…
January 19, 2007

The King of King

Join us a Dr. Richard Allen Farmer, president of RAF Ministries, shares with us that Martin…
January 14, 2005

The History of the African-American Church

Dr. Rick Rigsby is the founder of Impact Family Ministries and professor of Communication at Texas…
January 16, 2004
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