Chapel Series: Missions and Evangelism Lectureship (Fall 2012)

Nov 9, 2012
Cindy Wiles
Church Partnership: Doing Missions Together Mrs. Cindy Wiles, Executive Director, Global Connection Partnership Network/Kinexxus, Arlington, TX, explains that if we are going to be successful in this post-modern missions...
Nov 8, 2012
Monroe Brewer
Global Ministry: Opportunities for Everybody Dr. Monroe Brewer, Training & Partnership Facilitator, East-West Ministries International, Plano, TX, encourages us to figure out how we fit into God's plan rather than what...
Nov 7, 2012
JoAnn Hummel
Missional Living JoAnn Hummel, Pastor of Global Missions, Bent Tree, Carrollton, TX, challenges us to be missional by understanding the active role of the Holy Spirit in us.
Nov 6, 2012
Larry Reesor
Essential Principles of Mobilizing an Acts 1:8 Local/Global Church Dr. Larry Reesor, Founder and President, Global Focus, Acworth, GA, shares essential principles of mobilizing an Acts 1:8 local/global church.