Magazine Issue: Fall 2006

Letters from Iraq

National Guard chaplain Dan Smith (ThM, 1978) writes home about being in the Sunni Triangle, traveling…
November 1, 2006

Why Did This Happen to Me?

Read an excerpt from Ray Pritchard's (ThM, 1978) Why Did This Happen to Me?
October 1, 2006
The Story of the Tree

The Tale of the Tree

In North Central Texas, where Dallas Seminary is located, we found ourselves once again in drought…
September 5, 2006

Everyone Needs Theology

Who or what is the source of wisdom? Carolyn Custis James, the first woman to enroll…
September 5, 2006

In Good Hands

“We can hold nothing—not even a child—more dear than our trust in God.” In this article…
September 5, 2006
No Fear

No Fear?

Pick up a newspaper and you’ll read about immigration woes, more bloodshed in the Middle East,…
September 5, 2006

Wise Up!

Are you a fool, or do you fear the Lord? Dr. Roy Zuck, editor of Bibliotheca…
September 5, 2006

Godsight: Renewing the Eyes of Our Hearts

Read an excerpt from Lael Arrington's Godsight: Renewing the Eyes of Our Hearts.
September 1, 2006

The Latest from LOGOS

Matt Blackmon (ThM, 2001) and Hall Harris (ThM, 1978) review the latest LOGOS sofware.
September 1, 2006

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