Magazine Issue: Summer 1999


A person who can keep confidences has always been a rare find. The task of witholding…
July 7, 2006

Take the Teeth out of Busyness

Martha, the patron saint of busyness, typifies most of us in the western world. Her busy…
July 7, 2006

The World Is Your Workshop

We led many Bible clubs when our children were young with neighborhood children coming to our…
July 7, 2006

Uncomfortable With Evangelism?

I wish were not in the Christian vocabulary, it is the word evangelism. ”For many, the…
July 7, 2006
Use Conflict as a Catalyst - Communication in Marriage

Use Conflict as a Catalyst: Communication in Marriage

I received a call recently from the wife of a pastor who told me, “Our marriage…
July 7, 2006

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