Magazine Issue: Summer 2012

Slaying Idols

Excerpt from Beautiful Battle, by Mary DeMuth Little children, keep yourselves from idols.- 1 JOHN 5:21…
July 15, 2012

A Different Flight Path

Inside the Air Force building in Dauphin, Manitoba, I removed my hat and tucked it under…
July 3, 2012

Night with a Perfect Stranger, Chapter 8

Excerpted from Night with a Perfect Stranger, by David Gregory We drove around Indianapolis on 465…
July 1, 2012

Why Does God Bless Us?

Ask an athlete trying out for the Olympics if she looks forward to making the team,…
June 30, 2012

Pink Bibles for Hungry Hearts

The Bible. For some—even Christians—it’s just a book. Or a doorstop. Or a dust collector. It…
June 20, 2012

Smiling in Spite of Fear: DTS Student Olayemi Fatusi

Olayemi Olusola Talabi Fatusi stood as he always stands: broad shoulders forcing his thick frame into…
June 18, 2012
Mark - A Theological Commentary

Mark: A Theological Commentary

Mark: A Theological Commentary for Preachers engages hermeneutics for preaching, employing theological exegesis that enables the…
June 2, 2012
My Determined Purpose

My Determined Purpose

A couple of years after Cynthia and I were married, I had my military obligation to…
June 1, 2012
Who You Are, Wherever You Are

Who You Are, Wherever You Are

Can you sense God’s calling? As you read and pray with us, consider how you too…
June 1, 2012

Living Into the Life of Jesus

Excerpt from Living into the Life of Jesus By Dr. Klauss Issler Exemplary Jesus-Practices About Money…
June 1, 2012

The Office: Taking the Word to Work

Several years of demographic research and their own experiences in the church and the corporate world…
June 1, 2012

Video Interview: Elisa Morgan on Using One's Influence

At the DTS women’s conference, Kelley Mathews (ThM, 2000) interviews Elisa Morgan about using one’s influence.…
June 1, 2012

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