Magazine Issue: Summer 2015

The Covenant of Singleness: The Bible and Church History

The Hebrew understanding of man and woman forcefully urged marriage and offspring as essential to Israel’s…
June 12, 2015

They Were Single Too: A Sampling of 8 Bible Characters

Single adults in the Bible demonstrate that the single life is both a viable option and…
June 10, 2015

5 Things Single People Need from the Church

1. See us. If you’re a speaker, talk about marriage, but also about the possibility of…
June 8, 2015

A Professor's Singular Focus: Choosing to Be Celibate for Christ

While to some, professor Abe Kuruvilla, MD, PhD, might fit the description in Jane Austen’s Pride…
June 4, 2015

How the Church Can Encourage Singles

A few ideas about how the church can encourage single people and integrate them into the…
May 28, 2015
Cover of book authored by Dr. Mark Yarbrough

Book Excerpt: How to Read the Bible Like a Seminary Professor

Dr. Mark Yarbrough, VP for Academic Affairs at DTS, gives us a practical and entertaining exploration…
May 22, 2015

Book Excerpt: God With Us – Theological Foundations

Professor of Theological Studies Dr. Glenn Kreider writes. “The behavior of the incarnate Son is consistent…
May 15, 2015

The Church and Singles: Some Advice from DTS Grads

Some DTS grads shared what their churches have done right, as well as some suggestions for…
May 15, 2015

Compelling Love: The Christian and Same-Sex Attraction

During a recent sabbatical from DTS, Dr. Gary Barnes (ThM, 1983) and others traveled the country…
May 11, 2015
Congregation singing inside building with pews and stained-glass windows

No-Pendulum Zone

Marriage is not superior; nor is singleness. And love beckons us to remember that.
May 8, 2015

Book Excerpt: Joseph or Judah? Waiting on God for Satisfaction

Two brothers grew up in the same family, experienced loss, and had the same natural desires.…
May 1, 2015

Wide Her World, Narrow Her Bed

Are you a Luci? Or is there a Luci in your life whom the great Cartographer…
May 1, 2015

Lifting Up Christ While Lifting Weights: Spencer Arnold (MA/CE, 2014)

Spencer Arnold (MA/CE, 2014) picked up the sport of Olympic-style weightlifting when he was 13. Prior…
January 2, 2015

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