Magazine Issue: Summer 2018

Ask Dr. Swindoll: How Do You Handle Change?

Several times a year, Dr. Swindoll preaches in chapel at DTS and engages in a question-and-answer…
August 1, 2018

God's Heart for Those in Need: Lord, What Can I do?

The smell of exhaust dizzied my head, and the sounds of traffic flooded my ears. Our…
July 25, 2018

What the Church Needs to Know About Gamers

As a gamer who loves the Lord and loves everything about gaming, I have realized over…
July 18, 2018

Maximizing Impact: Glorifying God through Empowerment

As a child, every time National Geographic hit the mailbox, I’d flip through the pages, imagining…
July 12, 2018

Hope in Neverland: How God's Story Shapes Our Own

I will never forget the day Neverland shut its doors to me. The sun lazed between…
June 27, 2018

God's Creative Vision

From the very beginning, we see God’s artistry—in the act of creation—creating ex nihilo, out of…
June 20, 2018
Keith Yates wearing martial arts attire and looking at someone out of view

A Visual and Martial Arts Sensei: Profile of Keith D. Yates

Sometimes when I meet a person whose face may not be famous but whose reputation is…
June 13, 2018

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