Anees Zaka, Diane Coleman P & R Publishing 2004-08-13

Zaka, founder and president of the Biblical Institute for Islamic Studies, and coauthor Coleman, who lived in an Islamic country for several months, unveil the truth about Islam, showing how it contrasts with Christianity in many areas. In Islam, for instance, people are not viewed as having an inherent sin nature; they are merely forgetful (p. 17). According to the Qur’an Jesus did not die on a cross, and Jesus is not God. Muslims view themselves as slaves to Allah; they have no personal relationship with God. They bow before Allah out of fear, not out of love (p. 21).

In discussing Muhammad’s “revelations” Zaka and Coleman point out that his experiences resulted from hydrocephalus and epilepsy, with hallucinations, dreams, and distorted perceptions of reality. The Qur’an thus includes “a mixture of pre-Islamic legend, inaccurate and incomplete biblical narratives, [and] fanciful tales” (p. 36).

Was Muhammed a true prophet as the Qur’an claims? Zaka and Coleman set forth convincing evidence showing that Muhammed fell far short of the characteristics of a true prophet.

Allah, according to Islamic teaching, “does not have an identifiable personality, nor does he reveal anything about himself to man” (p. 98). He has no desires, he is not a redeemer or savior, he is not consistent in character (his will is arbitrary and capricious), he watches people, not out of love and concern but as a guard watches prisoners (pp. 98, 114, 116).

The Qur’an is not about God’s love for sinners, or about eternal life in Christ, or about knowing God and having a personal relationship with Him. This obviously contrasts with what the Bible teaches about God, sin, and salvation.

How can Christians witness effectively to Muslims? Zaka and Coleman emphasize the importance of a radiant, Christlike life. They offer a number of helpful guidelines to follow in sharing the gospel with Muslims.

Thirty tables throughout the book point up numerous differences between Qur’anic and biblical teachings. Zaka’s years of experience in working with Muslims make him a leading expert on Islam, and thus this book is an excellent guide to the truth about Islam and how to interact with Muslims in a winsome way about Jesus, who alone is the way, the truth, and the life.

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