Cecil Price AMG Publishers 2008-01-21

Price, senior research fellow with Christian Information Ministries, has done extensive research in compiling this thorough reference tool. His opening instructions on “How to Get the Most Out of This Book” are invaluable and should not be bypassed (pp. xv–xvii). He offers a format beginning with “key words,” “terms,” and “phrases” from the New American Standard Bible. For example if the reader wants to look for “Abba,” he would first find the word, then read the setting for a brief background of the use of the word, followed by the text(s) where Jesus used the term, and other New Testament references that also use the term. The setting locates the passage in context. The verses listed under the heading are arranged in the order they appear in the New Testament. In comparative passages there is some variance in the narrative quotations. The book is similar to Nave’s Topical Bible but is limited to the words of Jesus.

The book is neither a commentary nor a dictionary; instead it is a sourcebook for the reader to locate the words of Jesus Himself on a select topic or concept. The appendix includes two significant articles: “How to Personally Know Jesus,” and “Resources for Additional Study,” as well as a “Map of the Ministry of Jesus.” This reference tool is well organized, and a possible resource for sermon preparation and personal Bible study, and should appeal to both Bible students and lay readers. Some may also find it useful for devotional studies centering on the words of Jesus.

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