Charles R. Swindoll Zondervan 2009-12-07

Swindoll, pastor of Stonebriar Community Church, Frisco, Texas, and Chancellor of Dallas Seminary, has done it again! This is the first of a projected series of expositions on the entire New Testament. He outlines Romans as follows: Salutation (1:1–1:17); The Wrath of God (1:18–3:20); The Grace of God (3:21–5:21); The Faithfulness of God (6:1–8:39); The Majesty of God (9:1–11:36); The Righteousness of God (12:1–15:13); The Community of God (15:14–16:27).

The exposition is grounded in the Scriptures and is relevant to life. Many pertinent illustrations are sprinkled throughout the book. At the beginning of each major section Swindoll lists and explains key Greek terms used in that section. The book also includes a few one-page illustrations called “From My Journal.” Sixteen maps, charts, and pictures add to the background material on Romans.

Those who teach and preach Romans will appreciate Swindoll’s true-to-the-Scriptures expositions and his true-to-life applications. Readers can anticipate with excitement the other books to come in this series.

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