Charles R. Swindoll Insight for Living Ministries 2013-03-06

Combine Swindoll’s way with words with his pastoral touch. Add his careful research of the Scriptures. Sprinkle in his pointed illustrations and penetrating applications. The result? An impressive commentary on the Book of Job.

In his warm, winsome ways Swindoll opens the sometimes-difficult-to-understand Book of Job. And he hammers home the many implications of this ancient book for contemporary sufferers. His concluding two chapters, “What Job Teaches Us about Ourselves” and “What Job Teaches Us about Our God,” summarize the powerful lessons in this book.

Anyone who has suffered loss of any kind—possessions, job, children, spouse, health—can readily identify with Job’s intense and varied suffering.

A separate publication, Job: An Interactive Study Guide (258 pp; $16.99), provides additional material, helpful for personal devotions and small-group Bible studies. This study guide includes additional comments on the Book of Job, with applicational points, questions for reflection and/or discussion, and relevant quotations from various authors.

Anyone preaching, teaching, or studying the Book of Job will appreciate this significant commentary on one of the most scintillating books of the Old Testament.

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