David M. Levy Kregel Publications 2003-09-24

The three parts of this book discuss the tabernacle: its structure and its furniture, the sacrificial system, and the priesthood. Without going to extremes, Levy, foreign field director for The Friends of Israel, shows how understanding the tabernacle helps understand much of the New Testament. A study of the tabernacle, he points out, helps readers understand God’s redemptive program and Christ’s fulfillment of it, the awfulness of sin, the holiness of God, the mercy of God, Christ’s priestly work, and the believers’ role as priests.

The book is printed on high-quality glossy paper and includes more than fifty photos and sketches of the tabernacle furniture, the high priest, Sinai wilderness, and related topics. Anyone teaching or preaching on the tabernacle will be richly rewarded by a study of this book, with its focus on the tabernacle, which is discussed in fifty chapters of the Bible.

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