Gene L. Green Baker Academic 2008-11-01

This is a fine addition to the literature on two often-neglected epistles. In his thorough-going exposition of Jude and 2 Peter, Green, professor of New Testament at Wheaton College, leaves no stone unturned. Expositors will benefit from the careful and detailed analysis of these books.

Green includes forty-two pages of introductory material on Jude and thirty-two pages of introduction on 2 Peter. Holding the view that 2 Peter borrowed from Jude, a common but not universal position, Green addresses Jude first. He has an extensive discussion of Jude’s reference to the prophecy of 1 Enoch 1:6–9 in Jude 14–15 (pp. 101–7). And he defends the authenticity of 2 Peter (pp. 144–50).

Each section of several verses is introduced by a summary paragraph or two. And throughout the work helpful observations are made from the Greek text.

The bibliography of works cited is most impressive. Approximately eight hundred works are listed (pp. 345–75). The bibliography is followed by indexes of subjects, authors, Greek words, and Scripture and other ancient writings. Students and expositors will appreciate this outstanding work on Jude and 2 Peter.

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