H. Wayne House Kregel Academic & Professional 2004-01-01

Open theism, the view that God does not know in advance all events that will transpire, continues to be taught by a number of theologians who claim to be orthodox. House, however, shows in this book how open theism and orthodoxy compare and contrast. The book consists of quotations from both open-theism advocates and theologians of historic Christianity. Including the quotations in columns side by side without comment by House provokes readers to examine the views for themselves.

The quotations are arranged in categories, including hermeneutics and theological language, the doctrine of Scripture in open theism (with quotations on inerrancy, prophecy, and inspiration), historical understandings of ultimate reality and God, and views on the attributes of God and related theological issues (human free will, suffering, prayer, and salvation). This book, by the president of Oregon Theological Seminary, is a superb volume on a crucial current issue.

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