James McGowan AMG Publishers 2006-04-15

Reviewed along with The Gospel of Matthew: The King Is Coming, by Edward Hindson and James Borland, and The Gospel of Luke: Christ, the Son of Manby Mal Couch.

These volumes in the Twenty-First Century Biblical Commentary series are an exceptional entrance-level, dispensational, pretribulational, premil-lennial collection. Each book begins with basic background material, fol-lowed by a preview of each section, and then the commentary, which deals with essential doctrines, terms, and concepts.

The commentaries are well written and are easy to read. Each is rela-tively short but still offers new insights and ideas for teaching the Synop-tic Gospels. These volumes are ideal for use in a study group, for sermon preparation, for Bible school students, or for personal edification. The questions at the end of each section would be helpful to anyone using the commentaries in a series of studies. The three commentaries cover basic introductory issues but do not offer detailed discussions of unorthodox opinions. If the reader desires a commentary that presents several views across evangelical and nonevangelical lines, other resources are available. However, for uncomplicated, conservative, dispensational expositions of the first three Gospels, these are well worth the moderate expense.

Edward Hindson is professor of religion, dean of the Institute of Bibli-cal Studies, and assistant to the chancellor at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. James Borland is professor of biblical studies at Lib-erty University in Lynchburg, Virginia. James McGowan is Christian Ed-ucation Pastor at Sugar Land (TX) Bible Church. Mal Couch is founder and former president of Tyndale Theological Seminary and Biblical Insti-tute in Fort Worth, Texas.

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