Madasamy Thirumalai Bethany House Publishers 2003-11-01

Reviewed in conjunction with Sharing Your Faith with a Hindu.

Hinduism, the third largest religion in the world, has about 900 million adherents, including 1.2 million in the United States. And Buddhism, the world’s fourth largest religion and the dominant religion of many Asian countries, is also influencing North America. In the past, Christians in the Western world may have had little contact with Hindus or Buddhists, but that is changing. Coworkers, neighbors, and friends may be Hindus or Buddhists.

How then should Christians witness to them? What should believers in Christ say or not say to those who are engaged in Hinduism or Buddhism? These books give many practical suggestions on how to share the gospel effectively with Hindus and Buddhists. The author grew up in India as a Hindu and also was drawn to Buddhist teachings. He became a Christian more than twenty years ago and is now professor world religions and the academic dean at the Bethany School of Mission in Minneapolis. So he writes with first-hand knowledge of the many aspects of these two world religions.

Thirumalai discusses the different forms of these two religions and their tenets and practices, and he contrasts these with Christianity. He also discusses the role of idol worship, divination, superstition, and demon possession in Hinduism and Buddhism. Any Christian who is in contact with a Hindu or a Buddhist and any Christian contemplating ministry in overseas missions should study these outstanding books.

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