Mark J. Mangano Wipf & Stock Pub 2010-10-14

The title of this book points to the fact the book of Psalms reveals much of God’s power and grace. After discussing in chapter 2 the many names of God used in the psalms, the author then devotes a chapter to each of the following topics: God is awesome; God is Creator; God is King; God is refuge; God is deliverer; God is great, good, and loving; God is righteous; God is shepherd; God is present. The two concluding chapters are on the house of the Lord and the praise of God.

Each chapter considers the many relevant verses in the psalms on the given topic, thereby giving the reader a comprehensive overview of the scope of the psalms on that subject. Each chapter concludes with a few paragraphs on New Testament parallels, a few questions for thought (under the heading “Meditation”), a “Musical Reflection” with a story of the background of a relevant hymn, and a prayer based on the topic of that chapter.

This book gives the reader a thorough introduction to the multifaceted nature of the God of the Book of Psalms, and the relevance of the psalms to the Christian life. Mark Mangano is professor of Bible at Lincoln Christian University, Lincoln, Illinois.

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