Martyn Lloyd-Jones Christian Heritage 2008-10-23

Should one be unaware of the ministry of Martyn Lloyd-Jones, the renowned minister of Westminster Chapel, London, England, from 1938 to 1968, this exposition of Psalm 73 provides a wonderful introduction. For those who have already benefited from the work of this master pulpiteer, it is another welcomed, helpful testimony to his continued usefulness. Psalm 73 addresses the issue of the prosperity of God’s opponents and the reality of the sufferings of His children. It focuses on the ancient problem of evil.

Some critics have argued that God can be caring and not all-powerful or He is all-powerful and not caring, but He cannot be both. Lloyd-Jones’s treatment of the issue is as masterful as it is powerful. The spiritual depth of his insights is a treasure trove of comforts to any troubled person who would doubt the sovereignty, wisdom, care, or comfort of the Lord. This commentary is (a) a stirring rebuke to inadequate understandings of God, (b) an accurate analysis of the human psyche, (c) an example of a powerfully correct interpretation of the Scriptures, and (d) a wonderful tool to pass on to those who find themselves in the “dark shadows” encountered in life.

About the Contributors

John D. Hannah

Dr. Hannah has enjoyed a distinguished career for more than forty years at DTS. He is a frequent and popular church and conference speaker both at home and abroad. His teaching interests include the general history of the Christian church, with particular interest in the works of Jonathan Edwards and John Owen. He recently published a history of DTS and is currently writing a general history of the Christian church. He remains active in church ministries and serves on the boards of several organizations.