Matthew Waymeyer Kress Christian Publications 2004-01-01

This small but helpful book presents a strong defense of the premillennial view of Revelation 20. The author, a seminary graduate and a pastor, discusses in outline form the arguments used by amillennialists and postmillennialists to support their views of this significant chapter in the Scriptures. He asks and answers five questions: Is Satan’s binding present or future? Is the first resurrection spiritual or physical? Are the thousand years symbolic or literal? Is Christ’s millennial reign present or future? Is the chronology of Revelation 19–20 recapitulatory or sequential? In discussing these questions Waymeyer gives a thoughtful defense of premillennialism, pointing up the weaknesses of arguments used by proponents of amillennialism and postmillennialism.

The book includes an impressive twenty-six pages of endnotes and a thirteen-page bibliography. This volume is a valuable resource for Bible prophecy students.

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