R. Larry Moyer Kregel Publications 2004-08-17

“If you don’t know the date you were saved, then you’re not saved.” “When you miss an opportunity to share Christ with someone, it’s your fault if that person goes to hell.” “You’re saved even if you’re trusting something in addition to Christ for your eternal salvation.” “If you doubt your salvation, then you are not saved.”

Moyer, president of EvanTell, an evangelistic association in Dallas, dispels these and other common misconceptions many people have about evangelism and salvation. He includes sound biblical responses to these notions. In considering the misconception “If you’re not willing to confess Me publicly, you can’t be saved,” Moyer gives helpful explanations of Matthew 10:32–33; Romans 10:9–10; and 2 Timothy 2:11–13. And in refuting other false concepts he again expounds relevant Scripture passages.

Two false ideas he discusses relate to the view of lordship salvation: “Unless you’re willing to turn from your sins, you can’t be saved,” and “If you don’t love your brother or sister in Christ, then you’re not saved.”

Readers will appreciate Moyer’s clear focus on salvation as a gift from God received simply by faith in Christ. This is a good book to place in the hands of the unsaved and of believers who are confused about these issues.

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