Richard Durfield and Renee Durfield Bethany House 2004-06-01

Today’s sex-oriented culture makes it extremely difficult for teens to lead morally pure lives. What can parents do to encourage their young people to avoid sexual pitfalls? The Surfields suggest that parents should have what the authors call “key talks” with each teen, in which the parents encourage their youth to make a commitment to the Lord to remain sexually pure. And they suggest giving the teen a ring as a reminder of this agreement.

The authors have carried out this plan with their own four children, and they present it in conferences nationwide. The book guides parents in how to answer teens’ questions about sex and marriage, and it gives guidelines for dating, with information about the dangers of illicit sex. Pastors would do well to put this book in the hands of parents in their congregation and to encourage them to carry out the “key talk” idea and related plans.

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