Samuel M. Zwemer P & R Publishing 2002-09-20

Samuel Zwemer (1867–1952) sailed for the Middle East in 1890 as a missionary to Muslims. Because of his relentless vigorous work among Muslims for almost forty years and because of his extensive knowledge of Islam and his love for Muslims, he has been called “the apostle to Islam.” Greenway, professor emeritus of world missiology at Calvin Theological Seminary, has compiled and edited ten of Zwemer’s best chapters from Zwemer’s more than fifty books, most of them about Islam.

With the present-day heightened interest in the Middle East, this book gives readers insights into Islam’s beliefs and practices. Why is the cross of Christ such a stumbling block to Muslims? Why do Muslims not recognize Jesus as the Son of God? What is the best way to win Muslims to Christ? What place do animism and demonism have in Islamic belief and practice? Why do Muslims hold to superstitions? These questions are ably answered by one of the world’s leading authorities on Islam.

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