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Ministry in the Image of God

The Trinitarian Shape of Christian Service

Stephen Seamands Downers Grove, IL 2005-12-16

The author wrote this book “to demonstrate the significance of the doctrine of the Trinity for the vocation of ministry” (p. 11). He wrote out of his conviction that theology is foundational for ministry and that the Trinity is the distinctly Christian doctrine that makes many perplexing issues intelligible. The Trinity, he emphasizes, is the “grammar” of Christian faith and life, a point he develops as personhood, intimacy, surrender, simplicity, self-acceptance, indwelling, and mission in successive chapters. Thus the believer’s ministry is “the ministry of Jesus Christ, the Son, to the Father, through the Holy Spirit for the sake of the church and the world” (p. 19, italics his). Seamands has written a much-needed template that is “theologically practical.” His book can be recommended without reservation, for his approach of presenting sound doctrine with pastoral relevance is so winsome.

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J. Lanier Burns
Dr. Burns is research professor of theological studies and senior professor of systematic theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. He enjoys staying actively involved in administration in Christian and secular organizations. He devotes his time to writing, conferences, and pastoral leadership. He has been involved in post-doctoral research at Harvard and Oxford Universities and has served as president of the Asian Christian Academy in Hosur, India, for over forty years. He has participated in numerous neuroscientific activities for about eighteen years. His research interests include Trinitarianism, anthropology, sin, eschatology, the relationship of science and religion, and issues in social justice. He loves his wife, Kathy, and spends his spare time with his family and enjoying sports.
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