Steven J. Lawson Holman Reference 2005-01-01

This is another excellent volume in the Holman Commentary series. Lawson, senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church, Mobile, Alabama, provides a helpful verse-by-verse commentary on the Book of Job. As in other books in this series, each chapter includes a statement of the main idea, a brief quotation, a stimulating introductory illustration, points of application, a prayer, comments on significant words in that Bible chapter, an alliterated teaching outline, and discussion questions.

As an example of the “life application” sections, Lawson gives five suggestions, based on Job 42, on how to deal with tragedy: recognize God’s sovereignty, realize God’s inscrutability, reflect on God’s superiority, refocus on God’s intimacy, and repent of all sin.

Anyone who is facing tragedy or who is tempted to ask God “Why?” can find genuine comfort and deep insights from this creative study of Job.

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