Stewart Custer Bob Jones Univ Pr 2002-03-01

This photographic travelogue of Israel and Jordan is one of the most beautiful examples of this genre ever to come to the attention of this reviewer. Besides composing the accompanying texts Custer also did the photography. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and informative publication. The book consists of ten major parts, each dealing with a region of the two countries of Israel and Jordan. The itinerary begins at Tel Aviv, moves north along the Mediterranean coast to Haifa, east to Galilee, south to Jerusalem and vicinity, on to Masada and Eilat, and northwest to Ashkelon. Finally it covers Jordan from Jerash in the north to Petra in the south.

Important adjuncts to the book are indexes of Scripture references, museum objects, and place names. Most unusual and helpful are two appendixes, one directing the traveler to such places as souvenir shops and antiquities dealers and the other suggesting what one should take by way of toiletries, laundry needs, medication, clothing, and the like. All in all, the book is more than just a collector’s item—it is a handbook of immensely practical value.

By way of a slight correction, the publisher should note that the larger photo on page 50 is backward as is clear from the Hebrew script. This minor distraction should be taken care of in a second printing.

This work of art would make a wonderful gift to anyone who wants to see a pictographic overview of the Holy Land at its best. And it could serve as an informative guide to those entertaining the thought of making a pilgrimage there themselves.

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