Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. 2006-02-21

Dawn is a theologian with Regent College and an author with Christians Equipped for Ministry. Her first sentence keynotes her concern, “Why is it SO HARD to serve God these days?” (p. 1). She traces the problem to the state of the world, which entangles Christians in its corruption, polarization, and fast pace. However, the Savior promised that ministry would be difficult. Her covenant theology leads her to conclude that the believers’ calling is kingdom rule. During graduate study she concluded that an entire Sabbath day of rest is the way in which “God’s Kingdom reclaims us, revitalizes us, and renews us so that it can reign through us” (p. 33). Four themes characterize her “restful manner of life”: resting in grace, ceasing from harmful attitudes, feasting on the sanctity of ourselves, and embracing kingdom purposes. Dawn writes for dedicated saints who diligently serve the church, not merely academics or professionals. If her analysis of the world is correct, then comparatively few in her audience can embrace her agenda. They may want a “restful life,” but they will find too much to do in busy homes, churches, and workplaces. She has touched a contemporary need and offers practical pointers on how to serve God more faithfully.

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J. Lanier Burns

Dr. Burns is actively involved in administration in Christian and secular organizations. He also devotes time to writing, conferences, and pastoral leadership. He has been involved in post-doctoral research at Harvard and Oxford Universities. For over forty years he has served as president of the Asian Christian Academy in Hosur, India. He has participated in numerous neuroscientific activities for about fifteen years. His research interests include Trinitarianism, anthropology, sin, eschatology, the relationship of science and religion, and issues in social justice. He spends his spare time with his family and enjoying sports. He and Kathy have four children and 11 grandchildren.