Thomas L. Constable Tyndale Seminary Press 2010-01-16

Constable, who served on the faculty of Dallas Seminary for forty-five years and held several leadership positions there, has produced a massive exposition of the entire Bible. These seven volumes are the fruit of his many years of studying and teaching the Bible, not only at the Seminary but also in local churches and in ministries overseas.

One cannot help but be impressed with several factors that contribute to the high quality of this work. These include numerous quotations, extensive footnotes (several hundred on each Bible book), lengthy bibliographies (e.g., about five hundred entries on Genesis alone), numerous charts and maps, one or more appendixes at the end of almost every Bible book and extensive comments on every verse of the Bible. The pages are 8 1/2 by 11 inches in size, and the type is small, thus giving readers a massive amount of material on every Bible book.

In his introductory material on each Bible book Constable discusses the book’s title, date, writer, scope, purpose, and theology, and includes an outline of the book.

Constable often discusses views held by conservative authors on various verses. For example he mentions three views of the sons of God in Genesis 6: fallen angels, godly Sethites, and dynastic rulers. He gives arguments in support of each view and responses to each argument.

The thorough verse-by-verse treatment of the Scriptures makes this an invaluable resource for anyone teaching or preaching the Bible. The material is also available online at This work is highly recommended.