Thomas Woodward Baker Books 2007-12-03

Woodward teaches theology, communication, and the history of science at Trinity College of Florida, and he has served as an adjunct teacher in theology at Dallas Theological Seminary. Woodward received a Book Award from Christianity Today for this work, which traces the history of the Intelligent Design movement. By focusing on this movement Woodward provides a detailed but readable look into the work of naturalistic evolution’s most recent and effective critics (most notably Michael Denton, Phillip Johnson, Michael Behe, and William Dembski). Though Woodward obviously advocates intelligent design, he demonstrates restraint and fairness in his clear presentation of the various arguments in this book. That approach makes the book valuable for much more than historical interest. It provides insight into the nature of science, the contribution of naturalism to scientific thought, and the function of rhetoric in scientific debate. Anyone needing a solid refresher course on evolution and its critics will appreciate this work.

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