Elmer L. Towns and Ben Gutierrez, editors B&H Academic 2012-09-01

Reviewed in conjunction with The Essence of the Old Testament: A Survey.

These two books provide excellent introductions to each Bible book. The Old Testament volume includes more than 200 photographs, maps, and charts, and the New Testament volume has more than 150. Most of these are in full color, thus making attractive volumes. Each Bible book introduction discusses the book’s background, author, recipients, date, genre and structure, outline, and message. Sidebars focus on significant topics and word studies. Study questions and books recommended for further reading are included. Written at the collegiate level, these books are outstanding resources for pastors, scholars, and laypersons.

Four of the six contributors for the Old Testament, two of the seven contributors for the New Testament, and two of the four editors (Yates and Towns) are Dallas Seminary graduates. 

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