Genesis 25

Spiritual Life
Aug 2, 2019
Steve SelkeSteve Selke
Baby Bumped: Groaning with Creation Looking for Love (Steve) God ripped me off. I knew it, and He knew it—or I thought we did. I wanted the companionship of marriage, and waiting for “the one” stretched...
Apr 28, 2015
Reg GrantReg Grant
Out of the Shadow Dr. Reg Grant, Department Chair, Media Arts and Worship & Professor of Media Arts and Worship, reenacts the story of Esau, emphasizing that those who forgive pry open the door...
Oct 7, 2014
Don Sunukjian
A Twinkle in Your Parents' Eyes or a Star in God's Plan Dr. Don Sunukjian, Professor of Preaching and Chairman of the Department of Christian Ministry & Leadership at Talbot School of Theology, exhorts us to not sin to bring about...
Jul 25, 2012
Glenn R. KreiderGlenn R. Kreider
I am Esau Dr. Glenn Kreider, Professor of Theological Studies, DTS, explains that Esau was guilty of despising the birthright (Gen 25:34), but he also granted forgiveness to his brother...
Oct 24, 2006
Stephen J. BramerStephen J. Bramer
The Price of Stew Dr. Stephen Bramer, Professor of Bible Exposition, proposes that appreciating God's blessing demonstrates reverence.