Isaiah 58

Arts & Media
Jul 25, 2018
April GraneyApril Graney
God's Heart for Those in Need: Lord, What Can I do? The smell of exhaust dizzied my head, and the sounds of traffic flooded my ears. Our bus sat on a street in Nairobi, Kenya, waiting for the congested roads to flow again.  The...
Public Square
Aug 27, 2013
Barry D. JonesBarry D. JonesKim JonesKim JonesMatthew WilliamsMatthew WilliamsDarrell L. BockDarrell L. Bock
Simple Ways to Fight Human Trafficking Dr. Darrell Bock, Dr. Barry Jones, Kim Jones, and Matthew Williams discuss human trafficking, focusing on stories of redemption and how Christians minister to human trafficking...
May 1, 2011
Tony EvansTony Evans
Biblical Justice What is Social Justice? Social justice has become a convoluted term meaning different things to different people. People often use it as a catchphrase for illegitimate forms of...
Oct 9, 2007
Robert Deffinbaugh
Prayer, Fasting, and the Spirit of the Age Mr. Robert Deffinbaugh, Teaching Elder at Community Bible Church, discusses the spiritual benefit of fasting.