Scripture: John 12

The Impact of The Chosen Series

In this episode, Darrell Bock is joined by Stan Jantz to discuss the popular show “The…
May 21, 2024

Roaming Through Romans

In this episode, Darrell Bock and N.T. Wright trace through Paul’s arguments in the book of…
January 23, 2024
Article Header: Mark Bailey - The Light of the World is Jesus

The Light of the World Is Jesus

Metaphors are figurative expressions that illustrate a comparison by means of representation. One of the most…
August 3, 2022

Commencement Chapel 2021: Scarred for Life

Dr. Scott Horrell, professor of Theological Studies, reaffirms the believers' commitment to following the Master, dying…
May 7, 2021

Leadership Resilience

Over the last decade, I’ve had the privilege of hearing story after story from DMin students…
December 6, 2019
man standing at podium in regalia leading prayer at DTS Commencement Chapel

Commencement Chapel 2018: Ministry 101

Dr. S Jonathan Murphy, associate professor of Pastoral Ministries, encourages graduates and listeners regarding the necessity…
May 11, 2018

Jim Rayburn: DTS, Young Life, and His Legacy

Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer, Dallas Theological Seminary’s founder and first president, dreamed of the day “the…
September 9, 2016

Napkin Theology

On the day after my son Joshua turned sixteen, he obtained his driver’s license. That night,…
October 1, 2015

Jesus Values Business

In this excerpt from his book, Living into the Life of Jesus, Dr. Klaus Issler explores…
December 1, 2012

When God Breaks Your Heart

An alumnus enduring chronic leukemia faces difficult spiritual questions.
November 1, 2008

Sacrificial Service

Dr. Mark Heinemann, associate professor of Christian Education, discusses Christ's teaching on sacrificial service, which is…
June 25, 2008

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