Scripture: Lamentations 3

Ask Dr. Swindoll: How Do You Handle Change?

Several times a year, Dr. Swindoll preaches in chapel at DTS and engages in a question-and-answer…
August 1, 2018
man standing at podium speaking at DTS Chapel

Senior Preaching Week: But This I Call to Mind

Charles Davenport concludes Senior Preaching Week with a recognition of hopelessness in life and encourages believers…
April 27, 2018

How Corporate Worship Strengthens Weary Saints

When my church gathers, it appears we have little in common. Our skin colors vary. Our…
March 7, 2018
man standing at podium speaking at DTS Chapel

Truth in the Midst of Trouble

Dr. Stephen Bramer, Department Chair and Professor of Bible Exposition, reminds us that God remains faithful…
January 16, 2015

DTS Yesterday and Tomorrow

From eleventh-hour contributions to disappearing typewriters, DTS’s president and academic dean review ninety years of God’s…
September 12, 2014

6 Ways To Help Those Suffering a Dark Night of the Soul

Having been through her own “dark night,” Lesa Engelthaler provides a guide for helping those who…
February 8, 2012

The Worth of Waiting

I am writing this as I am waiting to be released from Baylor Hospital, where I…
July 7, 2006

Drawing Strength from the Right Sources

Is the Lord really good to those who love Him? Prophets such as Jeremiah wondered as…
July 7, 2006

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