Mark 16

Spiritual Life
Jul 17, 2019
Kevin HawkinsKevin Hawkins
Who Is This Jesus? Dr. Kevin Hawkins, senior pastor of Bibleway Bible Church and vice president of Student Services at Southern Bible Institute and College, both in Dallas, TX, encourages believers...
Public Square
Oct 17, 2017
Daniel B. WallaceDaniel B. WallaceDarrell L. BockDarrell L. Bock
Reliability of the New Testament In this episode, Drs. Darrell L. Bock and Dan Wallace discuss the reliability of the New Testament, focusing on the task of discovering the wording of the original documents.
Aug 1, 2017
Darrell L. BockDarrell L. BockMikel Del RosarioMikel Del Rosario
The Work of Jesus in The Nicene Creed In this episode, Dr. Darrell L. Bock and Mikel L. Del Rosario discuss the Nicene Creed, focusing on the works of Jesus.
Dec 30, 2013
Abraham KuruvillaAbraham Kuruvilla
Who Was That Young Man? Most scholars believe that, like an artist painting himself in a corner of his canvas, Mark included a cameo of himself in his Gospel.
Nov 2, 2010
Robert Deffinbaugh
The Incarnation of the Word We turn to Matthew's and Luke's Gospels to find the narratives about the first advent. But Philippians 2 provides the theology, offering a glimpse of the humility required for God...
Book Excerpts
Jul 7, 2006
J. Vernon McGee
Son of God, God the Son

Who is Jesus? Fully God? Fully man? Fully both. This excerpt from Jesus Christ Our Lord by the late John F. Walvoord, longtime president of Dallas Seminary, reminds us of...

Jul 7, 2006
Warren Wiersbe
Where in the World Do I Give My Money? How many financial appeals do you receive each week? Two? Six? How many do you receive a month? A dozen? Or have you stopped counting? A lot of sincere people are frustrated,...