Scripture: Matthew 18


Forgiving the Unforgivable – Mrs. Carrie Robinson

Mrs. Carrie Robinson serves as the Faculty Advisor for SWIM at Dallas Theological Seminary. Today Mrs.…
April 1, 2022
The Male Church Leader's Guide to Female Conflict Resolution

The Male Church Leader's Guide to Female Conflict Resolution

Teach women to stop avoiding conflict. Many women are master avoiders. They see conflict as a…
August 1, 2009

Hazards of Being a Man: Overcoming 12 Challenges All Men Face

Book Excerpt: Consider five ways to manage anger. From Hazards of Being a Man by Jeffrey…
June 12, 2007


Mr. Reese Kauffman, President of Child Evangelism Fellowship, stresses the importance of focusing on the prevention…
February 20, 2007

Lord … I Sure Need You.

The longer I live the more I appreciate the simplicity of small children. I love to…
July 7, 2006

Song of the Reconciled

Despite the Civil Rights Movement, racial prejudice still permeates the Church. And solving the problem requires…
July 7, 2006

Blessed Are the Peacemakers: Preventing Conflict

“I’m so sorry, but I must ask you to step down from the board until we…
July 7, 2006

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