Prison Chaplain Lettie Watkins Brings Hope to Inmates

Lettie Watkins cannot imagine serving anywhere else. While others would prefer something easier, perhaps more comfortable, Lettie’s ministry is in a Texas State Prison in Rosharon, Texas. Her role allows her to encourage, mentor, and show the love of Christ to those who are both scorned and forgotten.

Jun 1, 2017
Ted G. Kitchens
Dr. Ted Kitchens Leads Christ Chapel in Fort Worth Since 1980, Dr. Ted Kitchens has served at Christ Chapel Bible Church in Fort Worth, Texas which has been called a church without walls. As Senior Pastor, Dr. Kitchens has...
Feb 2, 2017
Rebecca CarrellRebecca Carrell
Christian Radio Host Rebecca Carrell as the Prodigal Daughter Radio host Rebecca Carrell enrolled at DTS with a desire to know Christ more intimately through the study of His Word. Her journey to the Seminary has been one of a prodigal...