Dr. Frank Glover's Plans to Build Liberian Medical School

What separated Dr. Frank Glover from other DTS students this spring was his weekly commute to Dallas from Georgia. And like many of our ThM students, his desire is to study the Bible in its original languages to enable him to preach and teach the Bible with accuracy.

Frank is also an internationally recognized urologist, earning both his MD and his Doctor of Public Health in International Health from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Just last year he was awarded Physician of the Year by the National Medical Association.

Throughout the recent Ebola outbreak, Frank played a key role in helping the country of Liberia manage the crisis. His goal now is to build a medical school in Liberia to train resident doctors in medical and surgical specialties.

In this video we hope to reveal that Dr. Frank Glover is uniquely gifted, having the mind of a physician, the compassion of a missionary, and the wisdom of a theologian. Ultimately, his work will demonstrate the love of Christ to his ancestral homeland, Liberia.

About the Contributors

Frank Glover

Dr. Frank Glover holds a BS in Biochemistry from the University Georgia, two doctorates from Johns Hopkins in Medicine and Public Health, two masters from DTS (MABS, ThM), and is currently working on his doctorate at DTS. He is certified by the American Board of Urology as well as the Board of Infection Control. Dr. Glover is involved with ministry around the world, participating in medical missions throughout Africa, and founding SHEILD in Africa, an organization that helps strengthen their healthcare systems. In addition, he ministers closer to home by leading weekly home Bible studies and discipleship training for local pastors and ministers. Dr. Glover currently holds a position on the Board of Incorporate Members at DTS.